About Tafsiri

Tafsiri – the African Journal of Translation and Interpreting is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published twice a year by MetaglossiaTafsiri is dedicated to relevant issues in the areas of translation and interpreting with  particular focus on African perpectives.

Tafsiri welcomes high-quality and original manuscripts on the challenges and opportunities presented by translation and interpreting within the African setup.   Papers may cover, but need not be limited to, the following:

  • Historical perspectives
  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Linguistic perpectives (comparative, descriptive, functional, etc.)
  • Philosophical perspectives
  • Practical perspectives
  • Psychological perspectives
  • Pedagogical and academic perpectives
  • Sociological perspectives
  • Technological perspectives
  • Critical reviews, commentaries, opinions, etc.

In its Literal Series (Literature in/from African Language Series), Tafsiri publishes original translations of literary texts (poems, hymns and other songs, folk tales, legends, short stories, short plays or sketches) from or into African languages. The translations (which may include self-translations) are published alongside the source texts.

For information on the submission of papers or manuscripts, please read the Tafsiri style sheet.


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